Nokia 5110 LCD Display Setup For Raspberry Pi Guide

The Nokia 5110 LCD Display seems a perfect fit for the Raspberry Pi as the screen can be connected directly. So here is a guide on how to set one up with details on how to hookup and install libraries. Also included is an example Python program in addition to the code examples included with the libraries. Continue reading “Nokia 5110 LCD Display Setup For Raspberry Pi Guide”

Install OpenCV onto Raspberry Pi from Shell Script

This article is a quick guide on how to install OpenCV onto the Raspberry Pi – the easy way. I will introduce a shell script that will install OpenCV and dependencies without user intervention. Furthermore, I will also introduce GNU Screen so that the OpenCV installation can be done remotely in a Virtual Terminal Session. Continue reading “Install OpenCV onto Raspberry Pi from Shell Script”

Pi Wars 2018 Competition – Getting Started

This series goes into detail on building and programming a robot. A robot that is good enough to compete in the Pi Wars 2018 Competition. In this article I look at the things I need and strategy to get a start right away. Continue reading “Pi Wars 2018 Competition – Getting Started”