How To Start Raspberry Pi Programming

For people new to this platform, I show how to start Raspberry Pi programming¬†with Python. I go through the guide step by step to help the new programmer execute their first Python program. Also, I include links to free software download below. Continue reading “How To Start Raspberry Pi Programming”

Raspberry Pi Headless Install Without A Display Guide

To kick-off my Pi Wars robot build, I want to start a new Raspberry Pi headless install. So this article walks through the process to install Raspbian Stretch Lite. Furthermore, I set-up the Raspberry Pi without using a display and keyboard (headless). Continue reading “Raspberry Pi Headless Install Without A Display Guide”

Pi Wars 2018 Competition – Getting Started

This series goes into detail on building and programming a robot. A robot that is good enough to compete in the Pi Wars 2018 Competition. In this article I look at the things I need and strategy to get a start right away. Continue reading “Pi Wars 2018 Competition – Getting Started”