About bluetin.io

This site, bluetin.io, is a home for articles that are a about robot design and build projects. Thus topics will cover detailed robot design and build instructions, for each unique project, over a series of articles. For instance, there might be a series of articles that goes through the design and build process of a robot to compete in a competition. For example, Pi Wars is one such competition, where the goal is to design and build a robot to compete in different challenges.

Some projects blutin.io will cover in articles now or in the future could include examples below:

  • Raspberry Pi powered robots.
  • Arduino powered robots.
  • Autonomous robots.
  • R/C robots.
  • Robots with camera vision using OpenCV.
  • Robots using a neural network implementation.
  • Robot building for a competition event.
  • 3D printing robot parts.
  • Robot building from scrap.

Target Audience

The target audience may be any person that has got an interest in starting their own robot build project. However, there are some basic skills and Knowledge that might be expected to be able to complete some projects.

Some of the skills required might include the following:

  • Able to copy and paste code to run on a target device.
  • Can do some basic programming.
  • Comfortable using a soldering iron.
  • Experienced in using DIY tools including electric hand power tools.

Many articles will be wrote in the form of step by step guide format. So this will allow a wider age group and experience level to participate.


Please read the site disclaimer in the About menu before participating with any content on this web site.